This function calculates maximum moving window time weighted average concentrations (TWAs) for kinetic models fitted with mkinfit. Currently, only calculations for the parent are implemented for the SFO, FOMC, DFOP and HS models, using the analytical formulas given in the PEC soil section of the FOCUS guidance.

max_twa_parent(fit, windows)



An object of class mkinfit.


The width of the time windows for which the TWAs should be calculated.


A numeric vector, named using the windows argument.


FOCUS (2006) “Guidance Document on Estimating Persistence and Degradation Kinetics from Environmental Fate Studies on Pesticides in EU Registration” Report of the FOCUS Work Group on Degradation Kinetics, EC Document Reference Sanco/10058/2005 version 2.0, 434 pp,


fit <- mkinfit("FOMC", FOCUS_2006_C, quiet = TRUE) max_twa_parent(fit, c(7, 21))
#> 7 21 #> 34.71343 18.22124