Creates a report of the kinetic fits


kinreport(kinobject, file = NA, data = TRUE, R2 = FALSE, vcov = FALSE, endpoint.digits = 1)


A list containing the following elements: The name of the parent compound to be output (parent), the type of the test system (type), the name of the specific test system used for generating this dataset (system), the input dataset (data), the list of fitted kinetic models (fits), as returned by kinfit, and the list of results (results) as returned by kinresults. Optionally also the label position of the test compound (label) and the source of the data (source).
The name of the file to which to write.
Boolean specifying if the input data should be printed?
Boolean specifying if the coefficient of determination R2 should be printed. R2 is calculated from all values (not mean values) as 1 - RSS/TSS where RSS is the sum of squares of residuals, and TSS ist the total sum of squares, i.e. the sum of squares of the difference of each observation from the overall mean.
Should the variance-covariance matrix/matrices be reported?
How many digits should be reported for DT50 and DT90 values?

Creates a report of the kinetic fits


Function to create a report for a set of fitted models, passing it to the console as well as to a file, if specified.


The function is called for its side effect, namely the report being passed to the R console as well as to a text file if a filename is specified.


data(FOCUS_2006_A) kinfits <- kinfit(FOCUS_2006_A) kinobject <- list( parent = "Compound XY", type = "Degradation in the environment", system = "System 1", data = FOCUS_2006_A, source = "Synthetic example data from FOCUS kinetics", fits = kinfits, results = kinresults(kinfits)) kinreport(kinobject)
Parent compound: Compound XY Study type: Degradation in the environment System: System 1 Source: Synthetic example data from FOCUS kinetics kinfit version: 1.1.14 R version: 3.2.1 Report generated: Fri Jul 3 15:03:02 2015 Data: t parent 1 0 101.24 2 3 99.27 3 7 90.11 4 14 72.19 5 30 29.71 6 62 5.98 7 90 1.54 8 118 0.39 --- Nonlinear least squares fit of the SFO model Parameter estimation: Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>t) parent.0 109.1531 4.39069 24.86 1.39e-07 k 0.0372 0.00429 8.68 6.46e-05 Chi2 error estimation: 8.38 % --- Endpoint estimates DT50 DT90 SFO 18.6 61.9


Johannes Ranke