R-forge page of kinfit and mkin

kinfit and mkin provide calculation routines based on the FOCUS Kinetics Report (2006). In kinfit, only kinetic models for simple degradation datasets are included. In mkin, there is no theoretical limit for the number of compartments or metabolites to model.

mkin is currently actively developed on github. The source code of released versions is synced to the r-forge source code repository.

Please refer to the project homepage for further information on the r-forge project.

Please note that no warranty is implied for correctness of results or fitness for a particular purpose.


An overview of the current capabilities of the kinfit package (rapid and simultaneous fitting of the kinetic models recommended by the FOCUS group for parent only) is given in the kinfit documentation page which also contains the package vignette.

You can install the development version of the package by using the R commands

install.packages("kinfit", repos= c("http://R-Forge.R-project.org", getOption("repos")))

or you can get the stable release versions from CRAN using



The mkin package which can fit complex degradation models to degradation data also has a documentation page which also contains installation instructions.